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Topic: Re:Councillor Vlod. Are you snoozing?
Posted by: Charles Gallichan
Date/Time: 03/04/10 20:31:00

We are not beholden to the Council, nor indeed the Police, but in fairness if any minutes from ECPCG meetings are to appear on this site it is down to us. Not Councillor Vlod.
Following my recent postings, I have communicated with the Editor to look at the best way of achieving this. I should warn you that they will not appear immediately, as they will need to be approved by the Management Committee before they are published.Meanwhile, you could always join our Group and get the minutes by post. Beter still, come along to the meetings.
You ask if we are funded by tax payers? Well yes, in that we receive a grant from the MPA to cover our limited admin - one part-time staff - postage, meeting costs etc. We receive no funds from Ealing Council.
We are looking at having our own website and linking it to this one, but it will depend on costs and time available. All management committee members are volunteers and support the Group in their own time. (So before you ask - no we do not receive any expenses for our time, travel or anything else).
As for the key issue,is Ealing getting safer? Well in recent years the crime trends have all been down. Although this year Residential Burglary and Robbery is broadly 'static'. No real surprise in a recession - speaking personally I had expected that matters would actually be worse. Youth violence can not be compared as the recording criteria has changed. See my earlier posting. Tie this in with six out of ten press releases from the Home office having "statistical omissions" and no wonder it is difficult to get true measure of what is going on. What I can say is the level and quality of 'partnership working' by the Police and Council has vastly improved in recent years and Ealing Council is one of the few boroughs that has additional PCSO's funded by the Council. We also now have a schools officer in every secondary school.
Finally, I would like to point out that your PCG puts in more hours on the streets monitoring policing of key events (often in to the early hours) such as Eid, Acton Carnival, Diwali etc. than any other PCG in London. It may be that this leaves us short on admin time, but I beleive that being out and about seeing what is happening is the more important.

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