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Topic: Ok let's have the evidence
Posted by: George Knox
Date/Time: 17/03/10 00:21:00

I am perfectly happy that on reading all my posts as a whole on this thread that I have made some very valid points which make for justifiably uncomfortable reading, and which have not been properly answered..

Councillor Vlod now says

Over a decade of simplistic target setting by this Government shows that focus on apparently simple figures distorts priorities. Also he complains about proving a point with statistics.

Councillor Phil on his website uses perceptions of a few thousand people to make the point that crime is what concerns the people of Ealing most.

Councillor Vlod also calls for an intelligent debate without starting one himself even though he is paid to be in the picture.

At the moment I have an almost incontrovertible impression that violent crime is the biggest problem, and that crime is rising in Ealing unlike in London as a whole. If you wish to dispel that impression, then please do so, but not with soundbites about past successes and not in a selective fashion.

So why donít you refer to a couple of papers or so with links which set out a well reasoned analysis as to what really is going on in Ealing, and also how the crime problems have been responded to in terms of policy, and what successes and failures we have been having, and where the policy has been tweaked to meet areas of slippage. We could then begin to appreciate what Councillor Vlod means by his use of the word priorities and perhaps understand the role of the Council and the role of the police and the parameters in which they operate. We could also then have a better tool for deciding whether we agree with his set of priorities.

If you do not like priorities being distorted by the government, but you think you deserve credit and continuing trust for alleged success by using some different and perhaps better methodology, then letís have the evidence.

As is known I like evidence in context. I suspect that Councillor Vlod does as well. How else can informed decisions be made?

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