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Topic: A selective truth
Posted by: George Knox
Date/Time: 12/03/10 14:16:00

I find some of Vlod Barchukís response odd.† The longest paragraph in his post concerns fraud and forgery and he concludes that the increase of this crime in Ealing is unlikely to affect the publicís perception of personal safety. Typical ploy in a cheap endeavour to try and get us to take our eye off the ball.

The ball in bottom line figures is that crime in Ealing has gone up over the last 12 months. Some the crimes concerning a form of physical violence have gone up which get scant acknowledgement in the post. Of the nine categories of crime given by the police five of them have gone up. In my opinion the Cabinet papers this week re the crime stats were misleading, and this Cabinet member has not dared to address/rebut this serious observation. I wonder how some of the Council staff feel about this, but of course through legal constraint they are not allowed to engage.

He says he has raised these crime increases with the police. Well I recently spotted the figures and I also raised the question. Any one can do that. He does not say what action plan was agreed. In his third paragraph from the end he asks what contribution a council can make to better policing. He answers but in part only and does not say what more can be done. Yet his whole fundamental key strategy is to make Ealing a safer place. Had he asked this question four years ago that would have been reasonable. I would have thought by now he would have a far better idea on how to tackle crime. As I said Ealing now has dropped from position 4 to 6 in the worst borough crime rankings.† I would have expected far greater success.

Conclusion. Tory Council failed to meet one of its three key objectives.

Why? Well it gives money away and it cuts expenditure.

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