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Topic: Councillor Vlod. Are you there please?
Posted by: George Knox
Date/Time: 22/03/10 22:20:00

Councillor Vlod, we need more substance from you please as to why you think you may have met your strategic target in making Ealing a safer place when the figures are not helping you.

It would be good to attend the meeting, but I feel it would be better to publish so that those who cannot make these evening meetings can nevertheless have the opportunity to understand the effectiveness of policing in our borough as well as the barriers it faces up to. Also Charles says the meeting will provide the most up to date figures. Well and very good, but should he have also said that Ealings Police strategy will be discussed as well? I expect it will, but it would be nice to know. And as PT (speaking from the safest Ward in the whole borough) says, the Commander should not hide his light beneath a bushel. He should publish and publish and publish.

I am aware that police stats are not the easiest to compare, but two things. The Council will use them if it suits their arguments, which clearly they did not on this occasion. The most recent available figures show an increase. If these are so unreliable that we cannot draw a conclusion that crime has gone up or gone down, what are we the voters to make of the figures? Surely we have to get a general feel of the trend even though the figures are not quite comparable?

Vlod says that he thinks that the majority of people would want more police on the beat. I accept that it is part of the police role to make people feel safer. That has always been my feeling, but now that I think about it, how effective is this? Obviously visual sightings make people feel safer, but feeling safer against sets of adverse figures is not what I want. I want to see a reduction in crime. How that is done is not for me to say because I am not a policeman. But it is for Vlod to say after he has studied and discussed all the options. If fewer police were on the beat, but allocated to other kinds of crime would they get better results? How is it that Vlod says having less police on the beat is a no brainer, especially as the perception in the questionnaires are showing improvements and so suggest alternative areas to fight? He needs to produce evidence before he can be so sure. Can the funding from the Council provide more police rather than PCSOs who have lesser powers? Could PCSOs do other tasks which may have a greater impact on reducing the crime? How also are the police going to operate in the next year or so if their funding is to be reduced? Is Vlod campaigning with Boris to get the powers of PCSOs increased? As violent crime is the biggest problem, what evidence has Vlod got to persuade him that we have the best strategy to fight it? If more criminals come from outside Ealing to do their dirty work here, then why is the Council failing to get Boris to act on our problems if crime is going down in London overall, but up in Ealing?

Arthur talks about Ward stats. I am really glad that I can see what goes on in my sub Ward. I see I live in a much safer sub ward than most others. Kindly never lose that piece of information.

I am sure there are many more people who read what is going on rather than glean information from meetings. That is why I have asked Vlod to give us some evidence by referring to links so that we can try and think sensibly about what is clearly a very difficult issue.

But I have to object most strongly about this Council if they try to give us the impression that Ealing is a safer place unless they give us some evidence on what they have agreed with the police and what actual results have been achieved which actually do make us safer, rather than make us feel safer.

If Vlod cannot give us more concrete material then I and others will be left wondering why this Tory Council has not succeeded on one of its three key strategic issues.

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