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Topic: Re:Ok let's have the evidence
Posted by: Charles Gallichan
Date/Time: 18/03/10 14:58:00

This 'debate' does not seem to be going anywhere and is starting to get personal, rather than addressing the facts. Such as they are available. One of the biggest problems is that this Govt has for ever been changing the definitions on a number of crimes and the police have struggled to keep up with recording specific types of crime in the correct 'box'.So it is almost impossible to get a year-over-year 'like-for-like' comparison.
As for Ward Offices - it was never the intention that SNT's would use their bases as mini police stations that people could drop into. They were to be, and are, bases where officers could parade and keep their kit. Thus avoiding travel time from the main police stations. Even here the devil is in the detail as the Mets budgets have never been sufficient to secure an office in every ward and some wards have had to double up. Although with access to some refurbished council buildings providing accomodation the situation has improved.
SNT's are encouraged to get out and meet their local population and in East Acton the SNT have been out to every business/ flat/house to try and meet every person living/ working in their ward. Also providing them with a fridge magnet which has their contact details on it and reporting of ASB, flytipping etc.
If you want to get up to date performance figures come along to Ealing Town Hall at 7pm next Wednesday, March 24 - Liz Cantell Room and listen to the Borough Commanders performance review at the Ealing Community & Police Consulative Group meeting - it's open to all.
There will also be a presentation from the 'Transport Hub Team' on their work in dealing with crime on the buses and trains. Plus the Council's Community Safety Team on ASB, envirocrime and dealing with issues around HMO's.
Indeed, if you come at 6:30 you will also get a free cup of tea/ coffee and some nibbles!

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