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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Ok let's have the evidence
Posted by: Charles Gallichan
Date/Time: 22/03/10 22:25:00

Eric and Arthur,
I will try and address the points you have raised and I hope also provide some new information/ clarity.
I have no problem that there is a debate around police performance.
As for year -over-year measurement, yes some are useful, whilst others are not. My complaints to the Home Office/ Met HQ have been that if you 'redefine' a crime and move it from one category to another then it makes comparison very difficult, if not impossible. We also have to recognise that 'responsibility' for dealing with some issues - noteably traffic offences - have moved from the police to councils. So they no longer appear in police stats. In my view it's one thing change the 'baseline' on govt expenditure ( an issue to be debated on another thread), another to do it with crime stats.
There is also the whole issue of what happens once an offender is taken to court and what happens to them afterwards. I am not proposing that we 'lock them up and throw away the keys', but if one looks at the rate of reoffending, the system clearly isn't working.
As for the 'no brainer' comment, I simply don't understand why this was refered to in response to my posting. I don't think I used it or refered to it.
With regard to the SNT 'shops'I will need to check how many are in what were retail outlets. I think it is the minority, but given the results of the recession and the amount od 'retail' premises available, I suspect that these are some of the cheapest properties for rent in the borough.
These offices do have computers in them, filing cabinets etc to allow officers to file their reports and do their admin without having to go to the main police stations. On occassion officers do arrange to meet local residents in them. But the whole idea of SNT's was and remains to get officers out from behind desks or cruising in cars and get out on the streets to patrol and meet people. They can and do use local halls, schools etc to hold their ward forum meetings. So we do not want them operating 'front desks' for people to drop in unannounced, as this would necesitate an officer remaining in the office, rather than getting out and about.
The East Acton Ward Team calling on every resident was the Ward Sergeant's idea, which his team bought into. He brought the idea to the Ward Panel and we endorsed it. There were some concerns expressed by Senior Officers - not the Borough Commander - at Scotland Yard about how long it would take and what impact it would have. When they learnt that the local Panel were in favour, they decided to let it run and are now considering if in fact every ward team in London should do the same.The Team have found difficulties, as calling in normal working hours resulted in too many 'failed' contacts. So most calls are now done when the team are on weekend shifts. Overall it appears to be going well and rather worryingly they are finding many who are still unaware that SNT's exist.The good news is that a lot of new intelligence has been gathered in what is the largest ward in the borough, with historically one of the worst crime rates. In recent months the rates have been improving in those categories where direct comparison are possible.
The ECPCG would welcome a full house at our next meeting and there you can put your questions directly to the Borough Commander.

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