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Topic: Councillor Vlod. Are you snoozing?
Posted by: George Knox
Date/Time: 02/04/10 13:11:00

Councillor Vlod, have you gone to ground? I hoped that we might see some publication concerning that recent meeting.

I looked briefly around the internet. The Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group get a mention on the Met police site but there is no reference to minutes of meetings which they hold. So how does the public know what they talk about and what planning proposals are aired at those meetings? Do the tax payers fund this organisation?

In contrast, almost on the first Google search page, I chanced upon a Hillingdon Community & Police Consultative Group Newsletter. It did give an overview of what is going on that borough and what was said at their meeting.

I also saw that last year you chaired a Safer Ealing Partnership Executive Board, but the minutes of the meeting were waffly, peppered with meaningless acronyms, I was not greatly the wiser. The reference to the Performance report did not give a clear picture of what is going on in Ealing. The meeting was attended by the chair of the Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group. In September he asked for feedback on worsening performance.

Is your silence in response to an invitation to engage in discussion in this thread something to do with there is a paucity of information in our borough in contrast to in Hillingdon? Is that something to do with management in your portfolio, or is it that I just have not been able to find some information? Why have you not asked for meeting minutes, and where are they for public scrutiny?

That Board meeting report did not fill me confidence that you Tories are meeting Ealing’s key manifesto strategic objective – that we live in a safer community.

If you remain silent, perhaps another party will propose a more professional approach.

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