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Topic: Re:The Blame Game
Posted by: Colm Costello
Date/Time: 14/01/11 22:10:00

George, Robin and Thomas

We are from different ends of the political spectrum, and will never agree on the issues of the day. I agree with probably only one comment any of you have made and that is the one from thomas.

you are right Thomas, I have spent far too much time on here. This will be my last post on this thread, so feel free to say I am in hiding, safe in the knowledge that I won't respond.


Your list in your first paragraph makes for depressing reading. These things are happening today in this great country. I blame the Labour party who ran the country into the ground over a 13 year period with the help of the unions who fund them. Remeber Liam Byrnes note to George Osborne, "THERE'S NO MONEY LEFT". That's why your list is as long as it is. You blame the conservatives. We will have to agree to disagree.


I didn't know what Ashcroft wanted from us, that is why I have not been able to answer your questions. I have since done a search and pulled something out of the daily mirror. They estimate that Ashcroft should have paid 127m in taxes over the ten years he has been a lord.

That's a lot of money. How you would have spent that money is very different to how I would spend it.

If true, it still pales into insignificance when compared with how much the unions cost us. I don't despise unions, I despise some of their more extreme behaviour. They are not all reasonable, and when they are unreasonable, it is the taxpayer who pays. i have given examples in previous comments on this thread.

I am a bit concerned by these days of action in March that George refers to. People who work in the private sector will struggle to accept that the demands the union are making are reasonable.


Your first thread is confusing what was going on nationally with what we were doing locally. The leaflet that Ray Wall put out in Hobbayne was referring to our plans for the managment of the housing service, not what the conservative plans were nationally.

Ealing homes contract comes to an end on March 31st this year. We did an options appraisal and decided that we wanted to see what the market would charge to manage the service, not own it, before deciding what offered council taxpayers, tenants and leaseholders best value for money. Labour have since taken the service back in house without publishing their own options appraisal or the legal advice they received even though we have asked several times for it to be published.

Nationally, the conservatives were discussing reviewing whether or not it is still sensible to offer lifetime secure tenancies to council tenants, once they become council tenants. This I am sure you will agree is necessary given that we have over 10,000 on a waiting list in Ealing waiting to be housed by the council. The national plans I believe will apply only to new council tenants, not existing ones.

Rays sent an incredibly misleading leaflet out to tenants advising them that the councils plans for the housing service would mean they would lose their secure tenancies and have them replaced by shorthold tenancies.

I hope that clarifies this for you.


The careers advice you gave is not necessary. i have lived in this country for 23 years now and have never taken any benefits. My health has been good, so I have worked all that time and continue to do so, paid my taxes etc. I don't live off the council taxpayer. My allowance is 9600pa and I get a special responsibility allowance of over 5,000 because I am in the shadow cabinet.I probably do on average 25 hours a week in my role as a cllr.

I don't know where you got the impression that I despise public sector workers. I don't. I have worked for almost five years with council officers who work very hard. i appreciate and respect them. I just don't understand why their pensions and terms and conditions are better than those of people in the private sector. As a taxpayer, i think that the final salary schemes are no longer affordable. If we haven't got them in the private sector, why is it fair that the public sector workers should have something that clearly is no longer affordable.

The flat that i had rented out

i bought it in 2004 before I became a cllr. I rented it out to Ealing housing ltd, who put tenants in there. They were temporary accomodation tenants. The rent was better than market rates, and it was a five year let. Labours housing benefit scheme favoured landlords more than taxpayers. This is why Cameron has brought in the HB rule changes that he has.

It was in the Rectory park estate which is due to be regenerated. The council made a round of offers in november 2010 to all leaseholders there to buy the properties back. I accepted the councils offer, and no longer own the flat. I have been advised that had the estate not been up for regeneration, and i sold privately, i would have got more than i did.

That might make you happy Thomas. Still having said that, the process that the council have in place for these purchases is robust, fairly applied and i believe protects the council taxpayer.

I have enjoyed the debate with you, and hope that my tone has not offended any of you. I believe as strongly in what i have said as you do in what you said.

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