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Posted by: Colm Costello
Date/Time: 13/01/11 09:22:00


your argument that Lord Ashcroft funded far more than 5% in target seats is absolutley silly. the same could be said of the unions who play a huge role in directing and funding Labour elections. His overall contribution is 5%.

I will give you an example of how much the unions cost us taxpayers and then you can give me an example of how much Ashcroft costs taxpayers, so we can see who costs more. My job will be easier than yours i suspect.

Public sector pensions cost the counctry a small fortune and were designed when life expectancy was a good deal lower than it is now. The retirement age and other terms on offer in public sector pensions are a good deal more generous than those on offer in the private sector. David Cameron has referred to this as pensions apartheid.

Thanks to that clown Gordon Brown, these final salary schemes are almost not available at all now in the private sector because of his tax raid on them in 1997, and all the rule changes he forced on them to pay down defecits more quickly, rules that barely apply to public sector pensions because most of them are funded from tax receipts, and not out of an accumalated pension fund.
Basically they have become too expensive, but not apparently for the public sector, thanks to your friends the unions.
The Labour government did try to reform this because they knew it wasn't fair that people who worked in the private sector had to work longer for the same benefits that public sector workers accumalated in a far shorter period, which was paid for by the taxes of everyone, including those in the private sector.
So they tried to level the playing field, but were not allowed to by the unions who threatened to withdraw financial support for the 2005 elections.
That was in 2003, 8 years ago and that single decision has cost the taxpayer billions of pounds extra to fund these very expensive schemes.
In Ealing alone, our deficit is over 350 million pounds Robin. who pays that. The taxpayer.
That is an incredibly unhealthy relationship between a major political party and the union movement. The unions tell Labour if you don't do what we say, we won't pay for your election expenses.
It seems I underestimated how dependant you are on the unions. I said 40%, when in fact in 2008 it was 52.2% and in 2009 it grew to 60.3%, compared to the 5% Lord Ashcroft gave.
Now Robin. Your turn. How much does Lord Ashcroft cost the taxpayer. I have given only one example of the cost of the unions to us.

On the point of the election result in Hobbayne, after they counted the block vote, I was 400 votes back. I don't know how many people voted for me because mine was the first conservative name on the list and neither do you. If you want to put the result down to that, then that's ok. Hopefully for you, people reading this don't understand how elections work.

As far as your explanation as to how Ray topped the poll, I have another explanation. Ray is well known and when he lost in 2006, to his credit he came to all the Hanwell area committees and ward forums except for one, over the following 4 years. He put out a couple of leaflets too during that time, one where he claimed that we were going to demolish the Hanwell community centre.
He also did a lot of canvassing too, though I doubt if he did as much as we did. He had a lot of help from outside the ward so clearly Hobbayne was a target seat for them.
What he also did was promise a lot. In one leaflet he promised, if elected to restore the ranger numbers to 24 from 20. Now they face almost being cut by 50%.
He also did a leaflet on our estates, which is half the ward telling council tenants that if they voted for us, they would lose their secure council tenancies and have them replaced with shorthold tenancy agreements. That leaflet went to some of our most vulnerable residents in the ward.
That is what most people call gutter politics. Scaring the most vulnerable in the community.
It's interesting how you are on the sides of the unions and Ray Walls side too Robin.
A nice boy like you Robin should be keeping better company. they will only lead you astray.

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