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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:CPZ permit hike
Posted by: Michael Brandt
Date/Time: 24/09/10 00:16:00

Most people in Zone C were not in favour of a CPZ at all and certainly not the scheme that was implemented. They were well and truly stitched up by a small influential group who had run a  heavy pressure campaign for a CPZ  around the TVU site.
It got steam rollered through and the slanted consultation only came about when another residents association lifted the lid on the clandestine goings on to suit this one group. It was all too late.

What it did cause is exactly as described, the start of the ripple effect.

That said, the tube zone system contributed greatly to the influx of commuters cars in small streets with very limited off street parking and a lot of cars often parked up by airline staff and business travellers for days on end, leaving streets clogged day and night. Junctions were regularly blocked and driveways part obstructed.

The robust protest by the residents of part of Zone C led to the Zone N type of CPZ and this is really as effective and all that is really needed.

The ripple factor though has continued, first to Boston Manor and now as far as Old Brentford.

But the costs as inflicted by the council are unfair and penalise everyone especially the old and those of limited means. Typical Labour mentality of assuming everyone in a nice district must be loaded with cash, how utterly niave.

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