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Topic: Re:CPZ permit hike
Posted by: Michael Brandt
Date/Time: 16/09/10 21:03:00

I was just about to write similar when your entry appearred!!

I went to some meetings too and you are absolutely correct.
Council officers promised it would never have increases of more than a few percent and only after five years and if inflation was high.

That is not the case. Even now inflation has been low for 10 years.

But for many salaries and pensions are either lower or being cut.
These hikes are hugely out of proportion with reality and maybe LBE should take a close look at some CPZs first.
Take Park Hill and Corfton Road for example. Barely a property there which does not have off street parking for at least 5 cars. Who buys a permit there?

All is needed there is for driveways to be kept clear and maybe pay and display for all the other spaces - which would raise revenue.

The CPZs were justified by LBE as it was fair for both car and non-car owners. So what's changed?

Fair would be free visitor permits for the elderly and infirm and free permits for the over 70's who very often use thier cars helping others.

Clearly this committee have no grasp of daily life but see things in purely fiscal means.

And where was this in any party election manifesto?

This will probably turn out to be challengable as too much on CPZs is on record.

They would have been wholly unelectable.

Prospective councillors take note

Wholly unacceptable

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