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Topic: CPZ permit hike
Posted by: Oliver Gregan
Date/Time: 16/09/10 20:48:00

Having just read that CPZ charges are to be hiked up, I cannot believe the rubbish uttered by the councillor in charge.
I can only assume the man is naive and has not done his homework or must have been spoon fed innaccurate information that frankly amounts to pure stalinist propaganda ( or naziist if you prefer)

I recall attending a few public meetings several years ago when there was a lot of concern about the imposition of Zone C and some of the irregularities of it's consultation.
I'm sure that a few others (as there were a few hundred at these meetings who recall this)

Ealing Council officials Daniel Metzger, a lady called Eva and 2  Labour councillors went to great lengths to assure unhappy residents that the charges would be ringfenced and would only increase at the rate of inflation.
The intention was that the CPZs were not and will not be used as a revenue earning scheme and would self fund. It was a benefit not to just residents with cars but those who did not have cars.
In fact, I remember statistics being read out that showed a large proportion of residents without vehicles were in favour of the scheme as it it would allow visitors to park outside their homes.

They insisted that the set cost of the permits would be maintained and would never increase by any more than a few percent after 5 years.

This was despite the wobbly predicament of the then Labour council who at least were prepared to be fair and listen.

The following Tory administration honoured this and also left the borough in a far better financial situation in spite of the current problems at national level

This they insisted was the cornerstone of the scheme and was to allow fairness for those less well off. In fact the desire was to allow free permits for residents over 70.

This is the terms that residents myself included, voted on and after a lot of work with residents groups and associations, the principals and terms upon which Ealings CPZ exist.

This is no doubt all on record and no doubt needs to be reminded to the present administration who clearly have not done their homework.

To renague on a scheme that was to quote " A Partnership with residents" is a breach of the contract and Ealing are surely voiding the CPZs and are duty bound to reconsult all residents in a CPZ.

Residents were also assured the right to request a review of their CPZ and vote to discontinue their zone. Something else that was assured.

Quite probably an increase of more than 5% is illegal.

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