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Topic: Poles in Ealing
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Posted by: Wiktor Moszczynski
Date/Time: 22/04/10 23:19:00

My book on Poles in Ealing has just come out this week.
It is called "Hello, I'm Your Polish Neighbour" and describes the characteristics of both the old and new Polish influx into this and surrounding Boroughs. It has my usual wry humour but it tries to give an accurate picture of how Poles are adapting to the way of life here. Feel free to order at local bookshops or in Amazon.
On a more serious note, the last couple of weeks have been traumatic for Poles in Poland and here with the tragic death of President Kaczynski and his wife and 94 others in an official delegation travelling to the site of the Katyn Massacre. Two of those killed were from London including the local priest in Hammersmith.
I would very much like to thank Jason Stacey for reacting immediately to my request to have the Polish flag flown at half-mast on Ealing Town Hall and to Stephen Pound, Anne Keen and Bassam Mahfouz for addressing and comforting thousands of Poles who gathered for a vigil in Gunnersbury Cemetery the day after the tragedy. Steve read out a special message to the gathering from David Miliband. On Friday David Miliband visited the Polish centre in Ealing and signed the book of condolence.

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