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Topic: Re:Re:Council fleecing residents over parking
Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 31/10/10 07:39:00

Kathy, I do see your point.
A car is a car. Until now it has cost me 50p/week (£25 annual permit) to park a car outside the house. If I have visitors it costs 0p/hour (outside zone hours)or 40p/hour(during zone hours). So in zone hours at least this shows a clear bias towards the car owner/resident and against the non car owner resident/visitor. The whole CPZ scheme was purportedly set up to discourage car use and possibly ownership. The inevitable consequence is that it looks as though it discourages visitors in cars. This is particularly true in long hours CPZs. Having lived on the edge of a long hour CPZ for many years I found many visitors didn't pay for parking inside a zone. They park just outside the zone. This unpleasant problem (displacement)was evaded by my councillors red and blue. The higher the visitor costs the more likely this is to happen.
Many of us of course fall into both camps having permits on our cars and completing tickets for our visitors. Sorry about this contortion Kathy. To return to your original point maybe the fairest thing to do is to issue, for those who wish, an annual visitor ticket at the same price as a resident parking permit.
This would save all the chore of filling in all that detail(and the inevitable chargeable mistakes) all that paper all that admin all that silly scratching. You simply ring your old mum's door bell she gives you the ticket place it in the car and you return it to her when you leave. Simple eh? You might try the system for businesses in a CPZ to prevent them closing.
Phil might have thought of these ideas?. But his administration† were giving away visitor tickets so they probably saw the unfairness you are talking about Kathy???
Kathy may I also add that all this talk of subsidies should be examined. Fine income is cojoined to CPZ costs. You cannot separate them. The questions should be, "What is the fine income directly flowing from CPZ offences (the total is £6,900,000)?" Say it is £1,000,000 and the costs are £550,000 then clearly there is no subsidy.

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