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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Charity street sellers
Posted by: Alan Brainsby
Date/Time: 09/04/09 23:23:00

search for chuggers on the BBC website.

Chuggers from British Red Cross were out in EB on Monday (would one call them B*ggers?).  Short shrift from me, said if they needed money they shouldn't have wasted it on Sangatte!

Anyway how much of the donation actually does get through to where it should? And even if it does is it useful?

Years back I had a colleague who had done VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). She said that while in India she'd seen farm tractors rotting away in fields. She was told that fuel was unavailable so the tractors couldn't be used. Each tractor had a label on it - "Donated by Oxfam".


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