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Posted by: Tony Price
Date/Time: 09/04/09 20:47:00

Re  you can get hassled by three or four young people.


   and often politically motivated more than genuinely concerned with " the cause ". 2 weekends ago in Southampton I was approached by a pleasant young man, pen and paper in hand, so I started asking what he was selling. Adopt a child abroad, or something along those lines, for which I know giving money is the worst way to help , so when I said so, along came the team leader who told me there is much child poverty in Africa etc etc. I said the leaders of those countries are stuffing their Bank Accounts with our money and had he heard of Mugabe. This team leader asked if I had heard of the British Empire ! and that it was all our fault. So despite the fact we left Africa 50 years or so ago, there are PC walleys blaming us for child poverty so long after.  I gave him an appropriate reply and sent him off with a flea in his ear. But who had fed him these lies so as to persuade people to sign up and pay monthly.

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