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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Oyster Daylight Robbery ?
Posted by: Niall Connolly
Date/Time: 21/12/10 13:44:00


I will not rise to your rudeness - unless you meet me in person I suggest you leave your insinuations to yourself.

Greed and Malice from big corporates - I've never heard of such a thing in this day and age. Still I must be living in a rose tinted world where the clouds are fluffy and whiter than white.

As a matter of fact - I've never seen the barriers opened for convenience during busy periods. I was at the station this morning at 7am - not really a peak hour like last night where the barriers were distictly closed unlike this morning when I breezed through the non existant throng.

My lack of Xmas spirit (alleged as you haven't met me) was possibly due to the daylight robbery of 6 from me through no fault of my own. We are all feeling a little pinch in the pocket at the moment and I guess you don't appreciate that I don't like my "pocket picked".

Merry Christmas to you...I hope you never have a loss of money though the barrier through no fault of your own.

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