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Topic: Oyster Daylight Robbery ?
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Posted by: Niall Connolly
Date/Time: 21/12/10 08:15:00

As its the season of goodwill I thought it best to warn everyone of the perils of using Oyster and assuming you are only paying the correct amount.

Normally I have a season ticket, but as it finished last week and I have some holiday I decided to use pay as you go...put 30 on it on Sunday for 4 days travel - should be enough I thought....however by the time I had finished a busy days travel (zone 1-3) and started my journey this morning found that over 14 had been taken!

Now I know that Oyster should only take up to the equivalent of a day travelcard (8.60) - so I checked this when I arrived at Liverpool St station this morning and was told that I had not swiped out at the end of my homeward journey the previous night and been charged the princely sum of 6 (peak single jouney fare !!) for this.

I can distinctly remember that the barrier I used to exit Ealing Broadway opened up when I presented my card, but also that the indicator light on the barrier remained red (not amber or green) so I can only presume that the barrier was faulty.

I am sure I was one of over several hundred who used that one last night - making a nice Xmas bonus for someone!

This morning - all the barriers were open to entry/exit. Inviting people to forget to swipe ?? Why is this done early morning / late evening ?? Definitely sharp practice in my book.

On a very positive note - the ticket person at the station refunded me the fares over the total single day travelcard once I explained what I had done.

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