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Posted by: GCab
Date/Time: 21/12/09 20:23:00

I may be in danger of repeating myself from West Ealing Neighbours but to be honest I am a bit puzzled that the same stuff comes up on both as soon as this shop is mentioned.  There seems to be a sort of C Fresh Loyalist contingent on both sites that see it as duty to leap in with comments about value and disregard all other factors.

I thought M's points were perfectly valid actually, and this bit of Chris's reply rather misses the point:

"Also, have you never seen a map? C-Fresh and Poisson are less than a mile apart - that's 5 minutes on the E2 (4 on the E3) (even less in a car). Northfields and West Ealing couldn't be closer".

Actually, they *could* be closer - they're not next door, and depending on context, the trip may quite legitimately be regarded as too much hassle just to save a few pounds. 

Going into C Fresh on a Saturday after the Farmer's Market in the area is fine.  But at other times, well, some of us don't *want* to get on the E2 even for "5 min", not just after getting off the Tube after work.  That "5 min" is highly misleading anyway - it's not 5 min when you have to wait for the bus to arrive first, and then wait for one back at the other end - all of which is increased hugely if the bus also has to queue up for several light changes at the end of Northfields, as is quite likely at 5.30pm on a weekday - assuming C Fresh is open that long anyway.

"Less than a mile" can still be a long way when you've already had an hour's commute from town; not everyone is retired or a housewife, and only shops in the middle of the day.  For me what's important is that you can get fresh fish up till 6 or so on the way home from the Tube (yes, if you're in the area - but some of us are, so why undermine it). This is a very valuable service when the only alternative is otherwise to get in the car and go to Waitrose if you fancy fresh fish for supper.  Surely an increase in choice like this is praiseworthy. 

"Higher prices" is not an evil beyond compare, if it translates to quality and everyday midweek availability (C Fresh fails the latter test for me) - you can afford it, it just means you could buy and eat less of the stuff if it bothers you.

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