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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Northfields Avenue - new fish shop
Posted by: Max Duley
Date/Time: 09/12/09 13:16:00

I've used them twice. Last week I bought some clams and a pair of Manx kippers. Yesterday I bought a large mackerel. All were absolutely delicious.

Quite pricey though, the mackerel was 4.60 which is really a lot more than you'd pay in a supermarket. However the fish was noticeably much better quality as well as much larger.

Fish is my favourite food and I hardly ever eat it due to the lack of decent suppliers locally (I know C-Fresh keeps getting mentioned but I've been through it a few times to the West Indian store in the back and it always seems to smell strongly fishy which is a real turn off). I don't buy any kind of meat or fish from supermarkets, except for the occasional organic chicken, and I don't mind paying a bit over the odds to a small business for something that's good quality if it increases the frequency of my fish intake. And it's a minute from where I live which is super convenient in this horrible weather.

I'm probably the scruffiest person in west London and the proprieter was still happy to chat with me and gut the fish without making me show him my money first, so I'm not sure what caused the earlier comment about shoddy treatment.

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