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Posted by: G Lord
Date/Time: 09/12/09 18:13:00

My comments last week on the other thread about this place seem to have started a bit of an issue here and it wasn’t meant to at all.

What happened was that when I asked how big the fish were, rather than letting me see them, the bloke told me how much in money in a surprised tone which I took as implying I couldn’t afford them and to which I felt a bit insulted.  But let’s hope it was just me.

This is a new venture, the guy has changed career and dealing with the public is difficult, very difficult.
I welcome and fully support any such enterprise in our area, hence my reason for going in there in the first place.

That said, I do have a lot of experience in buying fish in the area and the prices in this place were high, £6 for a dressed crab, normally about £4.  70p for a rock oyster, Sainsbury, C Fresh, Tesco 50p, Waitrose slightly higher at 55p, Asda 45p.  Farmers market 70p (but then the guy does have to get up at the crack of dawn, dive for them himself with a secret organic diving suit and drive to West Ealing in his non polluting zero carbon footprint pick up truck which means his overheads are bigger than Tesco).

Looking at the fish on display, it all seemed to be fresh and I never implied that it wasn’t.  (None of it was still walking like I see at a fishmongers in West Ealing though!) 

I am truly glad that others have already tried the place and are happy with what they got, good for you.

To me, it has a pretentious name, possibly a snooty attitude and the prices were definitely higher than elsewhere.  Someone used the word “Chiswick” and I know what you mean.

Please try it and decide for yourself, just because my impression and experience wasn’t 100% positive, don’t let that put you off.

I do wish the owners all the best in their new venture.


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