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Posted by: D Fox
Date/Time: 12/04/10 13:28:00

Jim wrote: >D Fox, Don't know ur 1st name?<

David (I had to deregister and re-register a different name/address recently as the site wouldn't allow me post after I changed an email address).

>Apple is a good product, but you are paying a price for it. Is your choice to be a "follower" and willing to pay for it!<

You don't have to pay a premium, if you don't want to - buy a refurb. I bought a refurbished (fully warranted and in all respects new) MacBook Pro from the Apple refurb store for 44% off [admittedly that was an exceptionally good price] and my desktop was 23% off (but came fitted with a better graphics card and hard drive than the spec suggested, so was effectively cheaper still). The total cost of ownership can be lower (most studies show it is), and we've never had to install anti-virus software or grapple with the wonders of the Windows registry. If there is a premium, it is a small price to pay for getting stuff done more easily and efficiently.

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