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Posted by: Jim Wong
Date/Time: 12/04/10 07:21:00

D Fox, Don't know ur 1st name?
I may know a few things about how the IT idustry works, as I have worked in IT (Computing) 25 years or so and have taught ICT (as a qualified Teacher) as well as having BSc in Computing and Business Studies Degree.
Most phone can be (hardware) upgradable, as you can just add more memory (Flash Card) or storage (Hard drive), IPhone, IPad, IPod as far as I know can't or easily. Everything you buy any Apple product are more expenseive, as you are paying for as a "Permium" product.
There are many more "business" related products simular to iPhone are already avilable, but not targeted towards the "cusumer" market. I.e. Glofiish
Most Worshipper of Apple's products are "innovators" who would be paying for a permium (peak) prices for "testing" new products.
Apple is the only IT/Techie product that has its own Operating System apart from IBM. Where as most maunfacturers have now gone "open" source or common platform.
As I stated before Apple is a good product, but you are paying a price for it. Is your choice to be a "follower" and willing to pay for it!

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