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Posted by: D Fox
Date/Time: 12/04/10 01:02:00

Jim: >Yes D Fox is a "Apple Disciple", Apple IPad and IPhone are not upgradable in terms of hardware and you are tied to Apple source only. Hence the tied in and pricing.<

I obviously bow to your expertise when it comes to outing an "Apple Disciple" - and I never even knew (thank you, thank you, thank you, now I can repent and buy a Zune...).

How many phones are hardware upgradeable? How many people own a phone much beyond their contract period? I don't own an iPhone (although my wife does - and it is probably the best phone of its type, but I don't need one). Who cares if  I can only get the phone/computer I like from one manufacturer, I don't. It works. Although one of my degrees is in computer science, I have no interest in letting the process (the operating system, etc.) get in the way of what I want to do with it - a sentiment Apple agrees with: maybe they are my disciples.... :^)

I have upgraded all my Macs at some time, adding memory, hard drives, even new processors, all were pretty easy (and done with extra bits from companies other than Apple), and they work perfectly with monitors, printers and other peripherals from other manufacturers, as well as all the software I've ever needed from countless other companies. I could even run windows or linux on them if I wanted (no need). However, the video editing system we use (as does more than half the TV industry) is only available for Macs (numbers two and three will run on Macs too - except Final Cut Pro costs less than either of them).

Honestly, you get what you pay for. If you look at total cost of ownership, our Macs have been cheaper than our PCs - and if we'd ever wanted to sell them on, would have returned much more second hand (any computers we've got rid of we've given away), so hardly much of a premium (or even "permium"...). Of course, if Windows is what you like, version 7 is certainly a huge improvement on its predecessors and I'm happy it works for you....

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