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Posted by: D Fox
Date/Time: 10/04/10 16:56:00

Jim wrote: >Why pay for something that u can not "upgrade" easily and get tied in with Apple OS system only.
Yes it is a good bit of kit, but so is many "tablet PC" available on the market already and cheaper!<

You can't upgrade a laptop or ordinary tablet that easily either. It will gain new features and functions with new OS upgrades. Besides, it's a question of whether it will do something useful or entertaining now - in which case it will continue to do so. I am more than happy with Apple's OS, all except one of our computers are Macs (and the Windows laptop is used for only a single, not very good program used by one client).

None of the existing tablet PCs are particularly well thought through. The iPad is a different concept, more like the iPhone, but more useful as something to sit back and read, and the touch interface is very different from the Windows tablet interface.

The key to the iPad, like the iPhone, is in the applications, and they are inexpensive, there are lots to choose from, and many of them are amongst the best pieces of software available for any platform.

I'd rather spend more money on something I'll use than waste almost as much on something I'll hate....

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