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Topic: Re:Re:Recycling collections ...NOT!
Posted by: David Dix
Date/Time: 26/05/09 16:13:00

Hi Phil

tks for your swift response. I have tried that number a few times today and just get holding music for ever and ever. 

However, I've since noticed that no-one else's garden rubbish has been picked up today either. The bloke I saw in the street earlier I saw pick up a green bag near the park entrance. Although his lorry was green and said "garden waste recycling" on it, i think they may just have been picking up stuff left by the parks.
so maybe the domestic garden refuse collection is still to come.

so apols for sounding off unjustifiably..  
However, there have been times in the past where they've ignored it if left inside the garden boundary. and they are pretty careless about where they throw the empty sacks back.. we always have to have a sort out with the neighbours afterwards so we've all got the right number back.

life's tough in the suburbs innit?

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