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Topic: Recycling collections ...NOT!
Posted by: David Dix
Date/Time: 26/05/09 11:42:00

I just watched the bloke doing the green gardening waste collection walk right past my front gate, totally neglecting the five pink canvas bags of garden rubbish piled up JUST INSIDE the gate per instructions on the sacks (i.e. dont leave them on the pavement where they'll be an obstruction).

Maybe I should have put them out on the pavement too, along with the green recycling box, the green foodwaste box,the white plastics sack and the black bin bag, just to make sure nobody could walk past.

at least the rubbish men (dustmen? recycling operatives?) wouldnt have been able to ignrore them.. again.

Now i've got to drive down to Greenford Dump at the weekend, using up petrol, adding to CO2 in the atmosphere etc not to mention wasting my time. And not getting the service we all pay handsomely for.

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