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Posted by: David Dix
Date/Time: 06/07/10 18:03:00

Got people working in our house today so this morning i gave them a scratch-n-sniff parking permit, as decreed by our new CPZ (in elers road). as elsewhere there are two restricted times, 10-11 and 3pm-4pm.
at 3. 30 they got a parking ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the permit i gave them was clearly displayed,and correctly scratched, behind the windscreen.
the warden said the council had passed a by-law two days ago (which would have been sunday!) saying we have to scratch and display a SEPARATE permit for each period of restriction, i.e. one for 10-11 and anotehr for 3-4. would have been nice if they'd told us. actually it wouldnt. it would have been nice if they'd asked us if that's what we wanted, when they did the original consultaion.
i'm mad as hell and cant take any more.

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