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Topic: Praise for council!!!!
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Posted by: David Dix
Date/Time: 07/10/09 11:37:00

We all (yes even me) have a moan on here from time to time about our borough council. But this time i'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to their Customer Services desk.

Over the road from us, in Elers Road, outside what we all call the House of Horrors (the overgrown one with the old Merc that hasn't moved for 15 years) there has been a full skip for several weeks, if not months. As is so often the case, this has been perceived by local ne'er-do-wells as carte blanche to dump any old rubbish on the pavement or road around it... so as well as the skip there's been a growing pile of discarded  bedsteads, mattresses, computer monitors, an Eskie full of old paint tins etc etc. (Why do people do this? it's not as if it's particularly hard to get to the dump..either of them!)

anyway... yesterday morning the skip finally went (presumably to make way for the road resurfacing) leaving the pile of other rubbish tottering like a ziggurat over the kerb, just where it had stood leaning against the side of the skip. I rang the council, identifying myself as Angry of Ealing (that must narrow it down!) to report this. I was told it would all be removed by 5 pm today, weds. In fact it had all gone by 6 pm yesterday, Tues.

Well done Ealing Borough Council Customer Services. Thanks.

Now, can you do anything about that rusting old Merc?  

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