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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Nasty Neighbour
Posted by: David Parsons
Date/Time: 21/05/19 19:31:00

16/05/19 18:03:00 owner of various taxi companies wrote;                     

"Dear Parties concerned, I am the owner of the Taxi Company and have no knowledge of who has damaged and chopped the Tree"

Yet on 17/05/19 18:38:00 owner of various taxi companies wrote;                    

"I have today sent CCTV to Ealing Council showing that last Saturday the Tree fell on its own with high winds"

16/05/19 18:08:00 owner of various taxi companies wrote;

"I suggest as you know when the tree was chopped, ask the shop keeper for his CCTv which is directly pointed to his side door and the tree"

17/05/19 18:38:00  owner of various taxi companies wrote;

"I have today sent CCTV to Ealing Council showing that last Saturday the Tree fell on its own with high winds",

That was 6 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT and  ONLY THEN DID HE SEND IN HIS OWN CCTV footage to the authorities.

16/05/19 18:20:00  owner of various taxi companies wrote;
"...has nothing to do with the corner shop, We do not even know them by name" 

16/05/19 18:16:00 owner of various taxi companies wrote;

"we care about our Residents and the relationship we have with them”  
And yet he claims not to even  know his nearest neighbour who is also his nearest fellow business owner. His business is at number 232 and neighbour is at number 234!!

16/05/19  18:16 owner of various taxi companies wrote;

"I did not see anyone write a Thank you on this Forum when we spread grit on the whole of Darwin Road ..".

That was because it was felt that the grit had been put down for the benefit of the various TAXI companies that are run from that road. 

17/05/19 18:38:00 owner of various taxi companies wrote                    

"... our cars are all Ulez Compliant with the lowest emissions".

Presumably  that was done for the residents benefit too!?!

As it appears that besides a shop @ #234 there are apparently several Taxi companies registered to @#232.   There is always the possibility that at least one shop worker or perhaps a taxi driver could have been on 'standby' at those premises and maybe heard/viewed exactly what happened.

If they're sitting at # 232 and there is the sound of a chainsaw @ #234, didn't someone - anyone bother to enquire or would that be the same person/s who didn't hear or see anything when the other tree was chopped down outside  #232, or was that the wind too?

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