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Posted by: David Parsons
Date/Time: 15/05/19 11:29:00

When the shop keeper was asked on Saturday 'what happened?, apparently he just shrugged said he hadn't heard anything even though it would have been impossible not to hear the chainsaw sawing down the tree!  The tree was then placed leaning against the wall to the side of his shop! So very dangerous and totally irresponsible!!   On Sunday morning it was then chopped into manageable sizes and left on the side of the road. When asked again on Sunday apparently he said it must have been the wind!!? On Monday morning @ approx 7:00 someone arrived to 'chip up the wood' into one of those contraptions ( sorry don't know name) that tree surgeons use and by 08:00 all that was left was a traffic cone to cover the stump. Now if the wind did it wouldn't there be damage to the paving slabs as the tree would have been uprooted plus the obviously exposed roots? Wouldn't there have been substantial damaged by the sheer impact of quite a large tree falling on top of his wall?  The wall looks just fine, the slabs were all intact and there was a clean cut across the trunk!  I suspect that he deliberately just cut the trunk first because if he'd started with the upper branches it would have given residents the opportunity to question it. Now who actually paid for the chipping up and taking away? Surely not the guy who claimed the 'wind' did it or Ealing council as their offices are still closed at that time! Local residents that I spoke to feel that it's totally pointless complaining to the police or the council as nothing will actually be done about it and they'll just get away with it as usual! Be wary, the tree out side your home could be next if they increase their transport and again nothing will be done!

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