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Posted by: Simon Hayes
Date/Time: 18/05/19 11:58:00

There were certainly no gale force winds blowing at the Hanwell Hootie last Saturday. Would have blown all the tents away.
In my experience as a gardener when trees are blown down they tend to tear at a weak point (as seen when the really strong winds hit the area a few weeks ago). Or they are literally uprooted.
Trees are adapted to cope with winds of even quite ferocious strength, they sway with the wind. Saplings and newly planted trees are staked to provide additional support as the root systems are not developed enough to fully anchor them. This looked a more mature specimen and wasn’t supported with a stake, which indicates a healthy developed root system.
Looking at the pictures of this tree it has clearly been cut across with a straight edged implement, probably a saw. Much like the tree across the road from this one which was cut down some four feet above the ground. Just fancy there being such a coincidence at the one end of Darwin Road!
It would be interesting to see the CCTV of this tree blowing over. Of course, if it had already been cut through it would have gone down with the merest breath of breeze.

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