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Posted by: Vincent Paul Wrigley
Date/Time: 15/08/18 15:54:00

I have just watched the video of the chariot procession organised by the Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman Temple in West Ealing which took place last Sunday, 12 August. On Monday 13 August at 8.00am I made my own video of the aftermath of the event which I have forwarded to Ealing Environmental Services. The video shows Dean Gardens where the event culminates but you can hardly recognize it under the mountain of litter!

How can any organisation abuse a public space in the way my video demonstrates and get off scot free? The litter is on a massive scale and is totally unacceptable. Clearly there were litter receptacles available in Dean Gardens but they were treated as though non-existent. I watched the yellow-jacketed litter-collectors wandering around as I made my video. They were in a daze, just not knowing where to begin.

I quote from the Council’s own web-pages on the topic of litter:

“The council has a zero tolerance policy towards litter and provides litter bins within parks and open spaces for disposal.

We also encourage users to take home recycable items, such as cans and news papers, and put them in their household recycling for collection whenever possible, as litter collected in parks and open spaces is currently not recycled.

The ranger service use national legislation in order to keep our parks and open spaces free of all unauthorised waste. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is illegal to drop litter or dump any waste or rubbish on private or public land.

Those caught dropping litter which includes chewing gum, apple cores and cigarette butts, may receive a fixed penalty notice of £80 or face a maximum fine of up to £2,500. If necessary, we will take further legal action against other forms of illegal waste.”

Well, where to begin?! Where is there any evidence that those attending this event were ‘encouraged’ to take their litter home? Were any ‘fixed penalty notices’ issued?

Really, what is the point of publishing a policy on litter if it has no more clout than a piece of wet newspaper?

People who use public spaces need to realize (whoever they are) that parks are shared spaces and must be treated with respect so that others can enjoy them too. Suppose, after this event, which should have finished by 4pm, I had wished to take a stroll in the park or walk my dog in the early evening - I would have had to turn back the moment I reached Dean Gardens in total disgust.

I also understand that liaison with the organisers of this event and Ealing Council in respect of a Traffic Management Order failed to come to anything but the event was still allowed to proceed with no TMO in place. That is unacceptable. The Council and the organisers of this event need to get their act together so that in future years it is properly organised and the needs of the wider community (not just the Sri Lankan Tamils who are the majority attending the festival) are understood and respected.

Perhaps all who attend should be issued with a complimentary large bin-bag and encouraged by prominently displayed posters to ‘Take Your Litter Home’.

This is an annual event which is getting out of hand. It needs urgent review and proper future control.


Kitsana Udomcharoen

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