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Topic: Re:Rose & Crown - S Ealing
Posted by: Chris Haynes
Date/Time: 30/04/11 11:15:00

I visited it last weekend. It looks cleaner inside, but has lost a lot of its charm. It was very busy during the day. However, the bar wasn't really busy and I've never had a problem getting served there before last weekend. The barman seemed more interested in talking to his mates clinging onto the bar than serving me. He pulled three pints of the wrong beer, and put ice and a slice into the Diet Pepsi that I didn't want ice in.

I hope this was just a one-off bad incident.

On the subject of the Red Lion - I wholeheartedly agree that the owner is a nightmare. He moaned at the waitress yesterday and served three others in front of me even though I was there first. And he didn't give me a tray even though I asked him twice. He's in danger of losing our custom.

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