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Posted by: Camilla Horsfall
Date/Time: 29/04/11 21:42:00

The refurbished Rose and Crown eminds me of the pubs that I used to go into when I was a student in the 80s. There is a nice rug over a quality hardwood floor in the main bar and a really nice tile frieze on the wall in front of the kitchen.
The non-real-ale side of the beer has improved with Stella and Staropramen replaced by Kronenbourg and Peroni. The beer quality overall remains excellent with a notice board now showing when a beer was racked, and by whom. That's ultimate beer quality control!

Well done.

P.S. While I think the upgrade is excellent, I think the "tardis" should be painted a different colour and the "Queen Victoria Penny Black Postage Stamp" wallpaper is not my thing.

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