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Posted by: Carol Atkinson
Date/Time: 05/03/11 17:35:00

It's a shame you've had a bad experience with an animal rescue charity, being involved in this myself the type of situation that was described to you is, unfortunately, not unusual and we do take in cats and kittens from disfunctional households but equally we take them in from perfectly "normal" households where perhaps a child has developed and allergy.  The quizzing on the location of your house is also understandable to a degree as cats do wander and sadly do get run over, we would rather suggest ways of preventing cats getting onto a main road by making the garden more secure, after all we don't want any cat to get run over and it's also traumatic for the family.  When you have children you do need a confident kitten and we, as a charity, do our best to match the kitten to the family. I wish you luck with the new member of your family.  If you need any advice on caring for the kitten, vet recommendations, vaccinations, neutering (vital) please feel free to get in touch with us.  020 8566 5443 Hounslow Animal Welfare

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