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Topic: Fullers rip off
Posted by: Michael Brandt
Date/Time: 26/08/10 16:57:00

It is cheaper to buy a pint of Pride or a Guinness in the City of London now than it is in Ealing or Brentford.

Fullers pubs have gone from being often great local pubs with proper tenant landlords to really poor managed pubs.

Bar food is overpriced and little better than something the missus pulls out of the freezer in an emergency.
But the prices Fullers are forcing their managers, tenants and tied landlords to charge is disgusting and damaging.
They are on the spiral of overcharging to the detriment of the public house trade.
A route that several other brewery business have taken.
Most turned their back on thier core business and focused on the assets of property. Fullers along with Trumans and Courage have and have had huge portfolios of property and in these days of fiscal greed and short term gain, the bean counters are forcing the company to up income to retain feasibility of pubs matched against it's development potential.
I'm an avid non smoker with a lifelong allergy to cigarette smoke, but I don't support the ban either. I would have far preffered exemptions if extraction or separate smoking areas are integrated.
But on the other hand girlfreinds and others who would not go near pubs for the acrid smoke now go. The real problem now is none of us, even of a reasonable salary can even afford a round of drinks let alone two!

It really is time for a government enquiry into the methods of the pub trade.
Landlords are blackmailed into a corner with their livelihoods threatened and prices are fixed. Freehouses are only a reality for a disposable capital venture and the customer is losing out.

The trade calls foul over supermarket prices.
Binge drinking is rife, but the quiet public house where one can enjoy a drink chat and a haven from screaming kids and moaning partners is almost extinct.

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