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Topic: Re:Council tax decision 2010 2011
Posted by: Eric Alan Leach
Date/Time: 26/02/10 04:15:00

I agree. I'd pay more.

We are going to have to pay more anyway. Official National Debt is £848.5 billion (59.9 of GDP) and unofficially our National Debt is £1,340 billion (103.5% of GDP). The country's annual government borrowings are £178 billion. No-one else is going to pay off this debt other than UK tax payers.

It's almost impossible for savers like me to gain any interest on our life's savings so we might as well pay some of it to the Council.

Hopefully the new May 2010 Council will not repeat silly things like trying to give the cash back to me as part of a £6.1 million 'Cash Back' bribe and spending £millions tarting up parks with boulders, and shopping parades with more raised flower beds, more hanging baskets and expensive flagstones.

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