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Topic: Traffic Chaos on Castlebar Hill
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Posted by: Eric Alan Leach
Date/Time: 17/05/11 18:02:00

Try and avoid Castlebar Hill as it is very congested.

On Monday 16 May a new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was introduced in West Ealing radiating north, east and west of St Stephens Church. Roads south off Cleveland Road and Castlebar Hill are in the CPZ - but these two roads are not.

Teachers at Notting Hill School, who normally park in some of these roads are now parking on Cleveland Road and Castlebar Hill. Cleveland Road is very wide but Castlebar Hill isn't. Cars, vans and buses are having great difficulty in getting up and down the hill and at times the traffic is backing up to the east and to the west. Entering and exiting St David's Care Home at the bottom of the hill is difficult and dangerous. Pedestrians have a long wait in trying to safely cross Castlebar Hill road.

Castlebar Hill is part of the major (only?) route into and out of Ealing centre. It is now regularly congested where it wasn't before. Edgehill Road which was previously somewhat parked up during the day is mostly completely empty of parked cars. All of the houses on this road have off-street parking.

Could anyone please explain how this arrangement is an improvement - in terms of parking, congestion or road safety - on the the pre-CPZ arrangement?

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