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Topic: Re:Re:Traffic Chaos on Castlebar Hill
Posted by: Brian Davis
Date/Time: 18/05/11 18:48:00

It is more than a tax on residents. The anti-car mindset may have found a way to raise revenue and to price motorists out of Ealing but it also prices out those who maybe cannot afford to live in the Queen of the Suburbs but provide sevices for those who do live here. Many of the people who work but do not live in our town cannot function without a vehicle.  These include teachers, health professionals, local officials, traders, their staff and many of their customers.  Where are these people going to park their vehicles when the whole of Ealing is a CPZ?  Stop and Shop is a great thing but residential streets with off street parking and great stretches of empty road in CPZ's will eventually preclude commuting workers and close those shops where customers can park.

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