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Topic: Councillors...where are you???
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Posted by: Jean F Fernandez
Date/Time: 15/08/10 22:18:00

Any idea where our councillors have gone???

They must be on their summer holidays I presume only I have been sending emails to the councillors representing Acton Central and not a peep out of any of them!

I have been trying to get help and advice for a neighbour (he will be homeless in October unless the problem can be resolved) but all I have had so far is frustration at the lack of response at the lack of response from the local councillors.

Oh, by the way, I have also emailled the leader of the council - again I am sorry to say I had no response!

Before any one thinks this is just aimed at the Labour Party, well I also emailled our MP - guess what? No reply!

I telephoned her agent to enquire about her surgeries but an answerphone message advised that the office is closed for the summer and will not reopen until 30 August!

In fact the only person to reply to my email is Seema Kumar who sadly is no longer a councillor representing Acton Central.

I am NOT impressed with this lack of response. Has anyone else had similar problems recently?

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