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Topic: Conflicting Signage
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Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 06/07/10 07:41:00

Can anyone help?. Last night I was driving along the A312 from the new bridge at Petts Hill to the Target roundabout and saw signs saying "USE BOTH LANES" and indications that the inside lane is a bus lane with CCTV cameras guarding it. Had I missed the supplementary signage which is difficult to read anyway? You know the ones with complicated times and days of the week.
Same is true of the patch opposite Daniels on the Uxbridge Road. Westbound there are three signs VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, two part obscured by flower baskets saying "Bus Lane" "inscribed" in the tarmac another describing times and days and a third saying "End of Bus Lane". What is a driver to make of that? And no helpful white arrow on the tarmac to guide drivers into the curbside lane with resultant safety gains at the dangerous Lido Junction.
It is difficult to understand what the designers had in mind. Can they identify themselves and help me? Or does the confusion help the CCTV generated fine income oops!

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