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Topic: Consultation Chaos.
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Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 07/04/10 11:32:00

We are told that the £200,000 boulder modifications to Dean Gardens were agreed by "consultation". Strange because this consultation contained no images. So the public (the consultees)didn't know what they were getting? Can anyone think the impossible...that  the decision to install boulders etc was made before the consultation was devised?
And another instance. There was speed data that was not available to the consultees of the proposed Northfield Ave Safety scheme. This came from two sources. Accurate data from the Camera Partnership (police) and data that is difficult to believe from a private company employed by the council.
Both sets of data are now in the hands of Trading Standards. Again consultees were not privy to accident data plotted on a map. So again this consultation including its passage through the Walpole Ward Forum was conducted "in the dark".
Lastly the heavyweight (2.14kg) consultation which was the Local Development Framework consultation. This contained so many words that in reality it was not "available" to the man in the street. Also because of its size the collation/interpretation of its responses make it difficult nay impossible to make valid conclusions.
What do you think?  

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