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Topic: Re:Re:Consultation Chaos.
Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 14/04/10 16:41:00

Update on boulder park. It looks likely that there were no plans or images available to workmen either as metal panel sections which should meet at a brick pier don't and panels that should meet overlap. So perhaps it is a bit piccy for me to complain that the great unwashed were not privvy to an artist's impression during the consultation.
Work is progressing by Trading Standards to tie down the authors of the inaccurate speed data that Ealing paid for and the modifications to the Northfield Ave Leighton Road junction are just beginning. So no rigor or change there?
Lastly Council Scrutiny common sense has begun to reign in the "wayward" regeneration team's  interpretation of the LDF consultation and much criticism was taken on board by the chair following contributions by councillors and members of the public. Hurrah

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