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Topic: Ealing Centre in Crisis? Discuss
Posted by: Arthur Breens
Date/Time: 03/03/10 00:26:00

Over 400 people turned up to the Town Hall just over a week ago to hear prospective parliamentry candidates and councillors explain their ideas for the development of Ealing Town Centre.
Steven Sackur trounced Cllr. David Millican (Cabinet member in charge of regeneration and transport). He visibly struggled to explain, promote or defend his brief. You began to feel sorry for him but then you wondered why was he on the stage at all? Sarah Edwards the Green candidate was ill ,had lost her voice and sent a colleague who read a statement. That's fine but Jason Stacey had presumably "just caught a cold". Why else would he not attend such an important meeting?
Cllr. Millican's buddy Cllr. Phil Taylor has attempted to patch up the damage done to the regeneration scheme using his blog. If you have read it answer it here because if you reply on his blog and he doesn't like what you say he edits it. Clever eh? If you attended that meeting what did you think?

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