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Topic: CPZ parking renewals
Posted by: Ian Richardson
Date/Time: 04/09/19 21:11:00

I was shocked this afternoon to discover that I had a parking ticket on my car parked outside our house. On investigation, I discovered that my CPZ permit had expired yesterday. I had no warning this was about to happen, although the Ealing Council states on its website "Attempts will be made to send out a form inviting renewal of an existing permit."

Obviously, no attempt was made at all in my case, despite the council having my correct snail-mail address, email address and telephone number.

I have now renewed the CPZ permit, but I will challenge today's ticket on the grounds that I should have been warned that the permit was about to expire, just as we all are when car tax, driving licences, car insurance and roadside assistance policies are about to expire.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

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