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Topic: Decorating.for disabled
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Posted by: Dennis Bailey
Date/Time: 28/03/19 14:00:00

For the last year i have been slowly building up decorating supplies ready for the day i decorate, it's a personal jihad i have on not hitting council resources. As i'm almost there, what options are open to me if i wobble a lot because a dodgy polg gene, and terrified of killing myself?

Also, how do i get rid of two epilepsy damaged armchairs, bed and cooker? without paying the high price being asked by the council? It's beyond my limited income.

Does anyone Know where i can get a bed that is epilepsy proof? With phone, internet, water, and food prices going up ready for brixit my income is very limited.

Why do i feel like a human body dumping point for asking? I have tried so, so hard not to ask.

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