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Topic: Re:Re:No Reflection on Ealing
Posted by: Maggie Tomlinson
Date/Time: 29/01/11 21:39:00

I live here. I like living here. I am being positive about Ealing in saying that it is not a reflection on Ealing that the HMV is going. So many people seem to reflect every store closure in terms of a need to re-vamp Ealing Broadway however I do not see it that way. Either one can run a profitable business or one cannot.
On the other hand, with a couple of golden exceptions in terms of "good people" in Ealing Council I have very little to say that is positive about Ealing Council from direct and indirect personal experiences.
One of my best friends is preparing to move out of Ealing after twenty-five years here because she no longer feels safe here and does not trust public services of various sorts in this borough. I am not doing this. I prefer to stay and at least try and "bring what is hidden" to the surface in the hope that things will change.
What is depressing though is the low ethical standards and poor humanitarian attributes that those is local public office (both elected and salaried) continually show, and how little responsibility they take for what happens.

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