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Topic: Tesco Osterley - thefts from vehicles
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Posted by: Len Worrall
Date/Time: 13/06/10 15:43:00

Around 13.30 last Friday my van was broken into very publicly in Tesco's car park and I lost about 900 of tools and electrical test equipment. It was quick 20 mins shop and the car park was full of shoppers. Three guys in a white Peugeot Boxer van (Transit type) were apparently cruising the car park looking for opportunities. They were quick and clearly unafraid of being spotted and their van appears to have false number plates. The police tell me that apart from property and valuables, thieves are now stealing the catalytic converters from exhaust systems. They also said they would ask Tesco to improve their CCTV security as the system wasn't working on Friday.

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