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Topic: Calling on Ealing Grannies!
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Posted by: Louise Hall
Date/Time: 20/10/09 22:20:00

Having recently moved to Northfields and having had a baby in the summer I am well aware of all the great NCT groups out there and groups for us mums, but does anyoe know of any groups for the grannies of Ealing? I have to go back to work next year and my lovely mum is going to look after my duaghter two days a week and I was hoping there might be a grannies group, or some grannies out there wanting to meet other grannies in Ealing? Does anyone know of such a a thing or are you keen to set something up so the grannies can meet for coffee, walk in the parks etc together? I see so many around and can't believe there's nothing out there for our suuportive mums and their grand kids! Thanks, Lou

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Calling on Ealing Grannies!20/10/09 22:20:00 Louise Hall
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